PlayIt Radio Automation Download

Radio Playout Software PlayIt Radio Automation Download 2023-11-23

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PlayIt Radio Automation Download

PlayIt Radio Automation Download
Manual and automated playout system. Ideal for live DJs or station automation.


Remote Studio
Allow remote presenters to connect directly to PlayIt Live through a web browser.

Voice Tracking Sound
live while only recording the voice calls between songs.

Remote Management Manage
and synchronize data remotely between studios.

Control API Control
PlayIt Live programmatically using the HTTP-based API.

Ad Scheduling
Schedule ads (commercials or spots) into your broadcast.

Priority Streams
Schedule remote DJs and presenters to stream fully produced shows.

Automatically adjust song tempos and sequences to adjust their content to the end of the hour or the next fixed tempo marker.

Track time of day
Limit the hours and days of the week that a track can play.

Daypart Separation
Prevent the same tracks from occurring during the same part of the day later in the week, for example, Breakfast or Drivetime.

Hook Sequences
Tease upcoming tracks by automatically creating short track mixes using track hooks.

Play any modern audio
including WAV, MP3 and MP4

Multiple player options
Live assist mode and decks

One-tap QuickCart audio players

Assign players to individual sound cards
including ASIO

Adjust track transitions
with the built-in segue editor

Dynamic categorization of trail groups

Artist separation and rotations
with playout policies and standards

Hourly model with programmed clocks

Fixed time markers
to keep time

Watched Folders
Automatically import tracks when changes are detected in a system folder.

Remote URL streams
to play external content

Trigger actions at specific times
with scheduled events

Keyboard shortcuts

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