RADIO Player Pro 2 Download

Radio Playout Software RADIO Player Pro 2 Download 2023-11-23

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RADIO Player Pro 2 Download

RADIO Player Pro 2 Download
Multifunctional player for radio broadcasting.
  • Create playlists scheduled to start automatically based on date and time
  • Viewing the file waveform
  • Support for DSP plugins for processing audio files
  • Supports popular information tags in read/write mode (ID3, Ogg, WMA, FLAC)
  • Multiple initial priorities for playlists
  • View files on a separate card
  • External audio signal (linear or digital input) or audio streaming (Shoutcast) in relay mode
  • Automatic insertion of advertising into the retransmitted audio signal
  • Built-in DTMF tag detection
  • “Reserve” mode for retransmission in case of loss of audio signal
  • Built-in support for popular audio file formats (WAV, MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, APE, AC3)
  • Personal and group sound settings for audio files
  • Automatic start/end silence detector for files
  • Windows Audio Mixer Control
  • Shortcut keys for jingles
  • Automatic jingles
  • Log of played and unplayed files and events
  • Configurable access with password protection
  • Minibase for audio files with personal settings
  • Import playlists from PowerGold, Digiton and Trakt formats
  • Exporting information to RDS and Shoutcast servers
  • Automatic sending of messages by email

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